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Greetings and Salutations!

At first I went into this, thinking I would be mysterious and just be a little voice in your ear as a writing coach of sorts. Then I thought about it and realized that was a dumb idea. This is not gossip girl, I am not spilling any tea, and I am not out to ruin careers. I am just an introvert who goes nuts for certain nerdy things. My name is Fran and I am a grad student studying to be a librarian. I love books; I love stories of all kinds; I love writing. I am at my happiest when I am working on a writing project, be it creative, informative or something in the middle such as this. I have some writer friends, however it is a kind of like a group of doctors not wanting to talk about surgeries when they all get together. Talking about writing is one of my favorite things to do. If you are here, that probably means you agree.

When I say stories of all kinds, that means novels, movies, musicals, my favorite stories about my favorite bands and authors. Not to get too philosophical, but I believe we have placed humans on earth to create stories. They do not have to have wizards, or magic schools, or elves. Sometimes it could be how your parents met. It could be the story of how your best friend made you laugh so hard you shot soda out of your nose. The time you saw a movie or read a book that really stuck with you. I once flew to Texas to meet a group of people that I have grown so close to because of a podcast. It’s stories like that, that make us as people, how did you get your job? Where was the best meal you ever had? Things like that are endlessly entertaining to me.

We will get to know each other more as this blog goes on, and I have an email address for this blog so if you like, you can tell me about yourself. I am not that mysterious; I wanted to get myself back into a habit or writing more non-fiction and frankly, a blog just sounded like fun. So, grab yourself a drink, and I will tell you all about something I love.

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