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Stereotypes, and Reality

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

What’s the difference between a writer and a park bench?

A park bench can support a family.

Stereotypes are something that confuses me, to no end. In particular, when they are about anyone in the arts or humanities. These are things that we love, that we use every single day. The Netflix show you have been binging, the album that has taken over your Spotify, the true-crime podcast you listen to, there are museums filled with all of these people who had a painting or a sculpture inside them that just needed to burst out. All of that is done by artists, writers, creatives. For every person that I hear say that a book made them feel good, or they watch a movie when they cannot sleep or they need a laugh.

Every first day of school I brought a Harry Potter book with me in my backpack, it just made me feel like I had a friend with me. Despite what I know now about the author, at the time, I felt at ease. I am not telling you to cast aside the sciences or to say that one is more important than the other.

My pet peeve and jokes like that honestly do not bother me I have been getting them from every single front since I told people I wanted to be an author. Is the sheer fact that people roll their eyes at my dream, and they scoff at the starving artist trope, but these are the same people who are counting the minutes for Broadway to reopen. They watch their shows, you read your books, you watch your movies, you listen to your albums…so pay us? Why make fun of us? Why dismiss artists and writers?

“Do people even buy books anymore?”

Yeah, they do! I am not just talking about myself and my friends who drop some serious coin in our closest Indie Bookstore (I like one in Sparta, New Jersey, they are so nice to me and it’s always a pleasure to be in there). In the last year alone, book purchasing has increased eight percent since 2019, that’s the highest increase in the last ten years!

(Book sales from 2004-2020 via

You will notice, that the biggest spike was in 2008, and for those who remember 2008 was not a good year economically which can bring down everyone. Do you know what helps you escape even just for a little while? Stories. Books! This chart, is for printed books only, for the sake of time I thought I would focus on this because audiobooks can basically be their own post.

“LOL who reads these days?”

I get this more than I want to admit, from all angles, I see it in tweets, I hear it from people so much it is on my red flag list when it comes to dating. You. Read. Everywhere. You gain information everywhere, be it Facebook, Twitter, yes, that article that your mother shared on her timeline about the pros and cons of having children wear masks counts as reading. Me reading my textbooks, and clicking on a link on Twitter, following the case of Scott Rudin (broadway producer and actual Batman villain) and the legal repercussions of his gross existence counts as reading. We are reading (and writing!) more now than we ever have, I mean if you don’t believe me…what are you doing here?

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